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Thank you for your interest in supporting your fire fighters. In order to raise funds for our educational, community, and member programs, we have begun our new fundraising campaign. We will continue to contact residents in the state with the opportunity for them to become a PFFAL Booster Member. Our fundraiser is new, and therefore is unknown to many people.
But our organization is not, and today represents the men and
woman of one of the most respected professions in Alabama.
Without the help of the community our life saving programs would not exist.
Whether it be fire, auto accident, medical emergency or natural disaster,
we are the first to respond, and we do so with great pride.
I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts. It's truly heartwarming to see the generous help and support that our community provides for our fire fighters and our programs. For decades, the men and women of the Professional Fire Fighters Association of Alabama have risked life and limb to save lives and protect the property of our citizens. Our association represents the professional fire fighters in an effort to provide assistance through programs close to our hearts. By becoming a contributing, you not only help our fire fighters but your community as well. We do not use an outside fundraising company for our telephone campaign. We instead choose to conduct the fundraiser ourselves; thereby ensuring you contribution is put to good use. While your contribution is not tax deductible, you are supporting the non profit organization that has represented the career professional fire fighters in Alabama for more than 60 years. We feel that these programs are vital to our community, and by standing behind our efforts, you show that you do as well. As fire fighters, we are your first responders and will be called upon to risk our lives in the line of duty. That is a call that we proudly rise to answer.
David Harer
President - PFFAL

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Although nearly 2,500 fire fighters are proud members of the PFFAL, our programs help protect the lives of EVERY fire fighter and EVERY citizen in Alabama. We represent the fire fighters themselves, not the departments that they work for. Your contribution is not used for salaries or the day to day operation of any fire department. We do this to fund the programs that Alabama fire fighters faithfully stand behind. By helping us, you are supporting the courageous men and women who make our communities a safer place to live and raise our families. Programs we support, but are not limited to, are listed below with other member benefits:

• SAVING LIVES through support of the burn centers at The University of Alabama Birmingham and The University of South Alabama.We now fund 100% of the virtual reality equipment now used at the Arnold Luterman Regional Burn Center at USA Medical Center in Mobile. This amazing tool has proven to ease the pain and suffering of burn victims undergoing treatment and physical rehabilitation.

• REBUILDING LIVES through our Disaster Relief Fund. This resource provides assistance to the families of fire fighters killed or injured in the line of duty.

• SPONSORING Safe Call Now. This critical resource helps fire fighters, EMTs, law enforcement and their families to cope with and recover from emotional trauma suffered in the line of duty.

• BRINGING HOPE through the Pink Heals Fire Trucks. This program raises awareness for ovarian and breast cancer, as well as lending much needed moral support to women facing these issues.